Welcome to the Innu Spelling Guide! You’ll find all kinds of information on Innu spelling to help you write in the Innu language, no matter the dialect you speak or are interested in.

The Innu alphabet is comprised of 11 letters, 4 vowels and 7 consonants:

voyelles : a e i
consonnes : h k m n p s t

The letter n represents both n and the sound l, which we hear in the Pessamit and Piekuakamit (Mashteuiatsh) dialects. We can express the l by putting an accent on the n : ń, but it’s not mandatory in standardized spelling.

amisseiakamipanitau  (amisseiakamipańitau) he mixes, blends something (liquid) by stirring it

There are two forms for the letter u : the normal size and the exponent uu, which we only find at the end of a word.

kashteuakamu it (liquid) is black
natshishkam He encounters something

Certain letter combinations (or graphemes) correspond to a single sound (phoneme), such as sh for [ ʃ ]. Another combination is tsh for [ tʃ ]. 

Tshishe-shatshu (Sheshatshit) Tshakapesh

How to type the special characters?

It is sometimes difficult to type the exponent u (u) on mobile devices or computers. In this case, it is recommended that you use w instead.

In the online Innu dictionary, if you type w in the search box, we automatically get u

The ń is available on tablets and phones by pressing down on n. The information for this character is: Unicode: U+0144, UTF-8: C5 84